Event & Entertainment Safety

Health and Safety advice and assistance has proven to be an essential part of todays Events to ensure they are safe for those attending the event, those working at the event, to ensure the organisers of the Event are able to meet their legal duties, to protect the reputation of the Organisers and to help with the continuing success of the Event.

As a specialist in Event Safety, with a wealth of global experience (see here for list of Major Events and Qualifications) and real enthuisiasm to ensure the safety of all at your Event, we can provide and help with:

  • Pre Event Planning & Site Safety Design
  • On - Site Event Safety Personnel
  • Contractor Selection and Budgeting.
  • Advance H&S Company Information collation
  • Licensing
  • Local Authority & Agency Liaison
  • Assistance at Event Planning Meetings
  • Event Risk Assessments
  • Event Management Plans
  • Medical Resource Planning and Operation
  • Event Fire Safety Design, Risk Assessments and Resources
  • Contingency Planning
  • Site or Venue Suitability Assessment

Contact us here to discuss any aspect you might need or be unsure about with regard to your Event.

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